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dim. 12 févr.



Cosmic Heart Womb Wisdom

The Goddess has called for her sisters to remember their womb wisdom. Releasing the armour to emerge from the depths in ecstatic bliss!

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Cosmic Heart Womb Wisdom

Heure et lieu

12 févr., 19:00 – 21:00


À propos de l'événement

~Awakening the cosmic goddess ~

A sacred journey to remember your Divinity, express your true nature, and open your heart and higher octaves of soul essence. Activating DNA codes within your cells for Goddess embodiment. Ceremony, deep practice, Creativity, Cosmic connections, sisterhood.

In this ceremony of the Cosmic Heart, you will be initiated into exploring your inner worlds, and discover what needs to be released, transformed, created, birthed and embodied.

It's a safe and sacred space for you to gather with your sisters and make magic happen.

Cosmic Heart Womb Wisdom is a Divine channelling through the remembrance of Georgia Ashahra, who has many memories and recollections from other lifetimes. She calls her oversoul team her Cosmic Heart Family, together harmonising Divine codes of creation for recalibration for the New Earth and Crystalline/ Celestial Human.

The Cosmic Heart collective has been supporting and guiding the way to realising outdated programming and opening to the Divine Goddess's expression. From there light language was activated during these times of remembrance among many other ceremonial ritual practices.

In this lifetime Georgia has a background in Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, holistic bodywork/massage, Akashic records, EFT, crystal healing Taoist & tantric sexual/feminine arts. What has been activated here is from the ancient, yet a very present moment, assistance of her multidimensional self. Together they are all designed to align with the Divine truth of one's being.

To truly awaken this expression of remembrance is to go within, deep within our cells, our DNA. All of us in this and many other lifetimes have carried coding within our DNA that prevents us from developing and living our true authentic selves. This wave of souls here on the Earth is creating a magnificent shift into Divine states of consciousness through rewiring these programming and downloading the Divine blueprint.

From this devotion to creating Heaven on Earth, we are moving to a new state of being. Each of us peeling away the layers, clearing the way and sending out the signal to be in our Divine alignment, which is the shift we've all been waiting for.

The missing element!

The Goddess

It takes both masculine and feminine principles for us to be in union and harmony within. Yet through many teachings, the Goddess has been taken out, thus causing imbalance.

She is the one that is the trees, the soil, the oceans and all of the creatures.

In honouring our bodies the vessel that holds the aliveness of our life force/ sexual energy/ creative energy we bring her alive in us, she is able to move us.

Sexual distortion and suppression leave many people using their sexual energy in an unbeneficial way. Either the power/force is given away or shut down.

Within this ceremony, you will embrace practices that assist in expanding your capacity to hold more of your life force.

This is innocent pleasure. the pleasure that awakens your essence. In Sanskrit we call this energy Shakti, she is often coiled up like a serpent in the base of the spine, if neglected, she will stay there. In this case, we are going to adore her with love and reverence.

Do you wish to feel more connection to your womb space?

Activate more pleasure in your life?

Expand your love into the cosmos?

Then this ceremony is for you!

You will be held in a sacred space by the energy of the cosmic heart, the purest love from the Divine Mother, who goes by many names!

You will be joined in sisterhood to amplify the Goddess's energy, unifying our soul remembrance of her beauty, grace and pleasure.

Through heart and yoni, unification doorways will open to the pure potential to move and play with your sensual, innocent sexual life force energy.

Together in sisterhood, we will learn ancient meditation, movement, prayer and creative expression to unravel our soul's truth.

Sound nourishing for your soul?

Imagine signing up, you don't know who is joining other than your dear sisters you've invited to join you.

Come the evening, you can feel the tingles and shakti bubbles rising. Magic unfolds all day, your thoughts manifest instantly, you're seeing the number 13 all day and Goddess symbols arising from the most random places.